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So, I just added a blog post. I now realise this looks very much like my own blog. So I thought I would add a photo of Matt to get things back on track. It’s very flattering…..


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As I was recently told by a teacher of mine to start getting creative. One of her options was to create a blog on literally anything. As I don’t have anything specifically to chat about, I decided to make a blog that is very random. It is just my thoughts, whether right or wrong.

So if you are interested in reading the blog, which will be growing over time. Please go to the link here



Hi guys,

I just wanted to quickly say thank you ever so much for all your donations, word of mouth, ‘retweeting’ etc that was involved with my charity event. We are still raising money and we are so close to our target. I don’t have time to write much, but I just thought I would post the video if any of you are interested. There are a few errors on it (timings etc) because I was running on about 5 hours sleep in 5 days haha.

So here you are;

On the 9th and 10th of October 2009, 4 lads (Chris Cousins, Steven Hey, David Maw and David Klepacz) will be taking on the challenge of climbing the 3 highest peak’s in the UK in 24 hours or less. We will start the challenge on the 9th October and over 24 hours we will have walked all the mountains as well as drive to them.

Here is what we are going to be doing:
5pm Start Ben Nevis.
10pm Finish Ben Nevis and start drive to Scafell Pike (seven hour drive).
5am Arrive and start climbing Scafell Pike
10am Finish Scafell Pike and start drive to Snowdon (three hour drive).
1pm Arrive and start climbing Snowdon
5pm Finish Snowdon, and complete challenge.

We are raising money for Sue Ryder Care, which is a range of hospices that offer care to people with long term diseases and terminal illnesses, such as Cancer, Stroke, MS, Brain Injury, Dementia, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Neurones Disease.

We have all been affected by someone with one of these at least and Sue Ryder Care has helped several people we know. So it is a worthy cause.

So please donate as much or as little as you can. As they say, every penny counts.

To donate please go here

I must apologise for how long it has been taking to get this video released. Matt wants to add a couple more thing to it. It is 95% done. It is just getting the time where we can both get this 5% done.

Believe me, you WILL get to see it soon!!!!


You can see below this post that I managed to get a free trip to Australia this summer and they released a series of videos. They have now made longer versions of certain activities. So far, there is a Sydney Opera House, Sydney Aquarium and a Surfing video. Check them out if you are interested at all.

The Surfing video can be found at this link

Sydney Opera House Video

Sydney Aquarium

So with forfeit #2 done and will be live shortly, we are looking at what to do for the next challenge. So we are seeing what ideas all the people who visit this blog have got. So leave your ideas as a comment on this post and we will have a look through them, and see which is best.

– Cuzzy

Just thought I would add these videos if anyone was interested. A few keep asking so thought it would be easier to bash them on here.



PS – The forfeit video will be added shortly. Sorry for the wait

Finally, here is part II of the 2nd Lewis vs. Cuzzy challenge. Lookout very soon for the forfeit video. It is NOT to be missed.


Here we have it Ladies and Gentlemen. The moment you have all been waiting for. The 2nd Lewis vs. Cuzzy challenge. Well, part one anyway…