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Ok so we’ve had one day in the first challenge people. Just under 24 hours has passed and there has been plenty of drama. Cuzzy took the lead early on and left Lewis lagging somewhere far behind. However, as the lights went out in the UK and the rest of the world opened their curtains things began to change. The scores are currently as follows:

Lewis’s Twitter Followers – 883

Cuzzy’s Twitter Followers – 85

Things do not look good for Mr. Cousins but he was appearing in high spirits earlier when he claimed he had many a trick up his sleeve for the coming few days. However, a message meant for a friend of his, sent mistakenly to Mr. Lewis, stated that Mr. Cousins was in fact “getting killed” in this challenge. Time will tell…


  1. Aw, what if you can’t choose? Both of you are nifty guys!

  2. Más importante… que ganará el que salga mejor librado de esta prueba?

  3. The Question is–what if you friend both of them. Would that be a bad thing? Would it be skewering their results?

  4. Dont think so Annie as Matt seem’s to be beating me ‘just’ haha.

    – Cuzzy

  5. ah well then Cuzzy we wouldn’t want that to happen. I don’t want to see you trounced there for I have followed you also. haha

  6. I think Matt has an unfair advantage…

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