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Hello everybody.

Matt Lewis (Lewis) and Chris Cousins (Cuzzy) here. We thought the best way to reach everybody was a blog so here goes! Lewis vs. Cuzzy is two mates who are going to take each other on for pride and glory. We will face each other every week in a different challenge. There will be videos, video diaries, blogs, etc. Hopefully it’ll be fun and educational, if not, at least you’ll get to see one of us do a forfeit when we lose a challenge! Ok so now you know the jist we can get on to the first challenge!!



  1. GO BOYS! Be strong!!! hahaha (nonsense!)
    I’m already follow Lewis AND Cuzzy, yeah! I didnt chose a side yet. convince me boys! 😉
    biiig kisses from brazil!

  2. Podemos saber al menos como surgió esta competencia xD?

    Necesitamos motivación para tomar bandos xD…

  3. guys, do you speak spanish? if not, i could help with that..

  4. unfortunately i studied it for about 4 years and I can get as far as saying “hola” haha. So any help would do…

  5. hahahha “hola”!
    well, she ask if we could know how the hell that big battle started?
    aaand said that we need reasons to choose a side, I dont know what she wants exactly, but she wants more haha

    btw,was lewis or cuzzy that just posted?

  6. No holds barred, eh? This could get nasssty! Yes!

  7. Thanks you so much for the translation May…

    And sorry guys… is just that my english isnt really good =S but yeah, i wanna know how this interesting battle started!!!

  8. May Tissi – It was cuzzy who said that, but I secretly know you hoped it was Matt.

    Nallheli – It started only recently ‘officially’ over a game at his party, but we lived with each other before so we did many challenges then.

    – Cuzzy

  9. hahaha noo, I kinda of like you too Cuzzy 😉

  10. I’m new to L.v.C so I’ve just reading this blog. Had to start from the beginning cuz I like to be thorough. 😀

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