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Well here’s Cuzzy’s Propaganda video….


  1. Hahahaahhaha crazy ppl xD
    Lov the pic from Matt alone with laptop hehehe n.n nice 😀

  2. Yo ya vote y aunque admiro el trabajo de Mat, el video favorece mucho más a cuzzy xD hay que darle oportunidad xD… ¿?

  3. thats your cat matt? it seems likee.. a little bit bored maybe! 😛

  4. well, I thought that the video promote better Cuzzy then Lewis too [just a bit] buuut today, a few minutes ago, a brazilian site about hp just post that matt made a twitter, sooo…this will definitely help him!

  5. better Cuzzy than* Lewis

  6. lol i luv the cat in the pic with matt haha “who wud u want to win” i cudnt say lmao

  7. Matt’s cat is unimpressed. I’m sure if it was your cat, things would be a lot different… haha.

  8. hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Matty= Classic.
    he has my vote.

  9. I found Matt on Twitter, and didn’t even realize this competition was going on. I’ve been bedridden and sick all day. Must say, I’m glad I discovered this blog, because it’s kept me amused.

    • Same as Libby (except not bedridden and sick).

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