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Hello all (or should that be “All”, I haven’t been in school for a while now…)

My first video diary, I sincerely doubt any of you will be interested but a couple did request so after much tedious arsing about I finally got it online. I might do more if it gets me a victory!!

Enjoy xx


  1. “He punched a dolphin in the face… shockin”

    Haha hilarious XD

  2. I think a future challenge should be to see who can persuade the ‘biggest’ celebrity [take that how you will] on twitter to post photos of themselves in the bath.

    …Preferably starting with Tom Felton.

  3. That was just too funny! You’re so mean! =)

  4. You two are silly.
    Cuzzy totally followed me on twitter.
    I think he just found me through your twitter, though.

    is that cheating? lol.

  5. you posted! yupii
    i have a ghostbusters t-shirt like yours! hahaha funny!


  6. Matt, if your humour could be drier, honestly.

    So, what’s up for round two, then? I kind of think you destroyed poor Cuzzy in round one.

  7. Cuzzy needs to make a video blog too. 🙂
    but i am sure this might get you more votes matt. cuzzy need to step up.

    im still on the line on who i want to take sides on… hmmmm.

    until i decide, Good Luck to you both!

    • i agree Cuzzy needs to do one too… GO UNDERDOG!!!!

  8. on a side note, where else are these children going to get the drugs if not him?

    and punching a dolphin is aggressive and brutal.

  9. Matt, I added you before I even KNEW about this competition, and do you want to know what Cuzzy has DONE? He friended me on Twitter almost right after! He is trying to steal your Twitter followers! Just so you know, I will not be moved.

    <3, scarlettshannon on twitter

  10. dammit, you guys are giving my game away haha

    – cuzzy

  11. He punch a dolphin in the face and sells drugs to kids.
    Man I may regret friending him. Is he stingy with the beer too?

  12. LOL the video rocked Matt! Although I am rooting for ya both! LOL

  13. First off, I love your shirt … second, you guys are crazy … xD I find this war between you so great …

    It is amazing to see u doing negative publicity for win xD… hit a dolphin in the face? sell drugs to children xD? despites women rights… xD

    I wonder who will tell you about the xD …

    Maybe you could do a challenge about who gets more girls phone numbers or emails or photos or something like that…

  14. At least he’s not giving the children drugs for free *shrug*

  15. haha…nice vid…….
    sells drugs to children xD
    nd he said all this wifout even laughing…..
    bigup 4 dat…
    gd luk im sure u r gona win the first round..
    (im followin both of u)

  16. That was hilarious Matt. I added you before I even knew about the war. Baaaaad Cuzzy…punching a defenseless dolphin. LOL Oh, and Matt, Cuzzy at least showed you reading some deep literature. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the next challenge.

  17. Posting this from my laptop (you guys owe me a new keyboard dammit – the old one got wasted by a coffee-flavored tsunami!)…

    And there I was thinking I grew out of stalking celebrities… *shakes head and goes off to add you both* You’re both mad. I guess there’s still hope for this world… 😀

  18. LOL!
    Matt, I sure love you… :**

  19. Oh my that made my day and it is only 11:00 AM . Very Slytherin of you Matt. But now I think I have to go follow Cuzzy because he needs friends to help him get over his bad behaviors. Cuzzy maybe you need to come to Florida and see the pretty dolphins and realize you should leave them alone. Now if you want to punch a shark I am with you. 🙂

  20. Firstly can i just say:cool t-shirt man!!!
    I love Ghostbusters!!
    Ack,he supports Gwantanamo??(completely misspelled,of course)
    You had my vote Matt even without that detailed reasons not to vote for Cuzzy!!
    You rock,man!

  21. aww, this is adorable. I just found out about this compettition, lucky I’m already following you on twitter. :]
    your awesome x33

  22. Wow. Matt, your eyebrows have a literal life all their own! It’s really quite funny to watch.

    Poor Cuzzy. I have to say, I always go for the underdog. And like the poster says ‘Gryffindor has won enough’

    Go Team Cuzzy!

  23. P.S. After Sunday I will follow you as well, Matt.

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