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Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of actual ‘me’ in this video. I have been sick all day, coughing etc and I honestly did try. Ive put something together to keep the blog fresh. In all honestly, probably Matt and maybe my mother might watch this and thats it…so Hi Mother, Hi Matt! But if there are any other’s, then please enjoy! Matts new diary coming tomorrow!
Oh and thanks again for making this blog so popular 🙂

– Cuzzy


  1. LOL! Aww. At least you attempted that much, being as ill as you are. In fact, it probably took more effort to make this video than if you were to just talk to the camera. 🙂

    Hope the cold soon packs its bags and leaves you be!

  2. dude im on your side.. *holds up poster that says ‘Illinois girls for Cuzzy’ *

  3. Cuzzy even though your not acutally in the video..It a great first attempt.

  4. Actually genius!!

  5. Haha, I think perhaps you’re trying to make us feel sorry for you, claiming you’re ill… you looked pretty healthy to me! 😛


  6. Star Wars, eh? LOL

    It’s good to learn you’re still on your feet, in any case. But I’ll STILL expect a good rant when you feel better. 😉

  7. ok you video wins in the creativity in my book. also great choice of music.

  8. Rockin’ sound track! And A+ for making an effort when you are sick (am currently quite ill, so I’m feelin’ ya on this). Love the “actual photo inside a school” with Drugs Are Bad. I’m going to say POINT Cuzzy!

  9. We’re glad to know you don’t despise womens rights and honestly I can’t imagine anyone hitting a Dolphin.

  10. Neville who? XD… soooo funny xD…

    Cuzzy we wanna see you a bit more… c’mon don’t be shy…

    As G said… probably took more effort to make this video but it was wort it… back on your side again xD…

  11. Oh god… LOL….

    I love you guys for doing this. I can’t tell you how much it entertains me. Please keep making these videos!

  12. Absolutely priceless. I’m in tears mate. This challenge could become closer than expected if you keep this up!


  13. Cuzzy, your video is unbeliveble! I did laugh a lot! good, but I want to listen your english accent even more!

  14. Good choice of music, kudos for that. No fade out at the end though? Tut tut!

    And, ‘drugs are bad’ – would you not give a child dying of malaria medicine, because ‘drugs are bad’? Cuzzy, my friend, you need to think these things through.

  15. WOOO!

  16. Team Cuzzy all the way! I joined your team based on the coolness of your video and the excellent music choice. Well done.

  17. hahaaha awesome first video

  18. I was wondering about the names and
    artist(s) of the 2 songs played in Cuzzy’s First Video Diary and The Lewis Vs Cuzzy – Battle Of The Century Video. If anyone knows?

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