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Not as entertaining as Cuzzy’s, just more absolute nonsensical ramblings from me, Matt Lewis for anybody that cares. I am slightly ill and full of cold so if you can’t understand what I’m saying then I do apologise. I’ll be back on form when I shake this illness…hopefully!

You really would think that I would have more interesting things to do with my time but I’m afraid not…


  1. Sounds like you got quite the cold there, make sure to have some chicken soup or such, and lots of meds.

    Can’t wait to see more from this, you guys are quite interesting.

  2. That answers that question..why would Matt shave? I thought maybe he was mugged by Norelco or Cuzzy was threatening more germs unless he eliminated the facial hair so those KGB agents didn’t mistake him for Ghandi..or possibly Robert Pattinson. Now I can sleep peacefully.

  3. hiii matt! you’ll be better soon, dont worrie!
    your videos could be longer, believe or not, is nice watch you just talking! i even dont know why, but i like it, must be a weirdo fan thing!
    and do you have arm tattoo? thats new for me! what is it?

  4. So… biological warfare. That’s way below the belt! LOL (but I’m still Team Cuzzy.)

    You boys are hillarious! I’m having so much fun watching this challenge. Keep it up, guys!

  5. I can not believe that the evil of Cuzzy try to sabotage you in this way … He was very cruel for doing that you catch a cold and all bcoz of their dark purposes … xD

    Hopefully both will recover soon so we can see you give your best battle!!!

  6. I LOVE the new video! And I have a friend who can translate that korean for ya!

  7. *giggles* Biological Warfare? H

    *giggles* KGB

    *stops giggling*

    I’m amused but err…maybe you got him sick…or maybe he stole your drink and drank after you (Which would also be wrong)
    Or maybe you did the dame to him.

    Nice job shaving though.

  8. Go Cuzzy!

    을 한참 뛰어넘는 게으르고 갈색 개 한 마리.

    더 많은 것들을 무작위로. 무작위로 더욱 혼란을 일들에 대해 상자를 엽니다.

  9. you’re so cute lol. Get better…and actually…I WAS wondering about the whole shaving deal…so thanks for putting me at ease. 🙂

  10. Hey, you have the dark mark on your arm. No really what is on your arm? It looks like a director’s chair or some roman numerals

  11. Biological warfare AND Korean? That makes him worse than Hitler. Be careful, Matt, be on your guard…

  12. you poor thing!,I despise colds,and yet anytime anyone has one I’m the first to catch it,so ,I know how you feel.(you’re sooo funny!)
    I think there should be a new video game –
    Resident Evil:The Illness ,where you return ater being sick and get him good,while he sleeps, put whipped cream on his hands and tickle his face!
    or better yet put girly makeup on him .
    (I’ll find u more followers.)
    email me sometime:

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