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Thanks to Meg from and has kindly created a new poster for the continued challenges of Lewis Vs Cuzzy.

Thanks again Meg

Matt & Cuzzy

PS. More challenges have been discussed, and as this whole thing has got more popular than we could have ever imagined, things are looking BIG!


  1. Awsome!! this is getting big!! i wonder how the things gonna be after a few more challenges 🙂

  2. I predict that is gonna be really really Big..Good Luck To Both Sides…Im such a netural person…

  3. yes, well, but Cuzzy went to school over here.

    So he gets the home field advantage…

  4. Im not really good with photoshop but i made u guys a present hope u like it as much as your lovely poster!!!

  5. Nallheli, I’m stealing that one! 😀

    Cool poster guys. Are we doing motivational banners next? :p

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