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So as things were looking down, and moral was beginning to become low in Team Cuzzy, an angel stepped out of the clouds to come support the underdog of this challenge. was this angel, and she happened to be the webmaster for a few Harry Potter  websites. She has started a campaign on and

So it looks like that the glass is still half full, and with a miracle I could catch up to Matt.

Remember my twitter is


– Cuzzy


  1. Cuzzy, you are almost convincing me to enjoy your team!

  2. You are amusing me!

  3. Oh yes, the times they are a changing

  4. If you’re looking for a few more viewers – make a fan sign for the livejournal community ‘ohnotheydidnt’. They have 67 million readers every day, and I’m sure you’d get some attention from that ;]

  5. Escribire en español, ya que mi redaccion en ingles es horrible, si bien entiendo todo (o casi todo) los chistes malos ingleses tambien los entiendo, no en vano mi prima estudiaba en el King´s College y su novio es de alla.
    Me he reido como una desgraciada con este blog, y lo siento Matt, pero creo que por mi va ganando Cuzzy, jajajajajja, lo del poster Dummies esta genial. En cuanto a los videos, cuando vi a Hitler casi me caigo de la silla (PLOP) de las carcajadas, totalmente ironico. jajajajajjajajajaja, seguire el blog a ver que mas inventan sus retorcidas cabezas.

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