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Well there is one day until the challenge is done. I still have PLAN C in the bank, and if that works then I can guarantee I can win…but…it probably wont happen. So speak to you in a day!


  1. Hmmm. Plan C? That sounds as if it might be majorly dangerous.

  2. Well, but in the last two days your numbers increased in over a hundred, right? Maybe you still gotta a chance. Go, plan C, go!

  3. Must say, your plan C is intriguing me, if it guarantee you such a victory BRING IT ON!!! haha Go Cuzzy!

  4. Well this is highly intriguing… I’m following you both, anyway. I was too nosey to stick to one or the other.

  5. I believe in you Cuzzy..You Can Do It……

  6. Where’s the plan C cuzzy!!!! I’m still following you!(though you stop following me on twitter ¬¬) ¡¡¡¡PLAAAAAN C!!!!

  7. Plan C has been postponed until tomorrow evening (before 830pm when the challenge finishes).

  8. I still think plan C never really existed and consisted basically of PRETENDING there was a plan C to generate a comotion due to the mistery and so proceed to increase your numbers! RA!

    No, I don’t think that, but that’d been genious.

  9. Be grateful it’s not a bikini wax.

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