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Well its Sunday evening here in England, and the Challenge is over.  I, Christopher Cousins, have conceded defeat 40 minutes before the time limit for this week runs out. I tried many angles to beat Matthew Lewis, which was always going to be a tough battle. My most recent plan (PLAN C) of hacking his account and deleting his followers did not work. I could not get past the high security fence commonly known as a login page.

I would like to thank everyone who backed me and I really do appreciate it. But this is only the beginning. The next challenges are Man Vs Man, and no supporters and fans of Matt can help him.

I am sure he will have a few words to say on this blog tonight, and if he doesnt, he is being lazy as he is doing nothing tonight.

– Cuzzy

P.S. The forfeit which is rumoured to involve wax strips…my legs…and pain…is due for Tuesday. Don’t go away………even though I wish I could.



    …you had no hope of winning this one. Can’t wait to see what happens when it’s just one on one.

  2. As I said before, be grateful it is not chest, back or *gasp* buttocks being waxed. Of course, this is assuming you have a plethora of body hair. Perhaps your legs are your hairiest…erm…bits.

    Tough luck though. Maybe you will do better for Man v Man.

  3. Well, you did at least have most of NHS Oxfordshire rooting for you, but a lot of them don’t Twitter. Did my best. Good luck with the next challenge.

  4. I think you should see the whole pain thing as a good thing, I mean, “wordpress” sure does. Look at the related posts:
    “A vision of heaven” and “Oh my God. What have we done?”
    You should be so proud! Besides, even though waxing your legs is almost as painful as riping your niples with a teaspoon, it still could be worse. What if it was a Brazilian Wax? See? All you need is some perspective! 😀

  5. I joined in watching the goings on here at the very last minute – yesterday, but it has been entertaining. I’m sure you boys have already come up with something else to keep us all entertained.

  6. Tut tut tut. Openly admitting an attempt at internet fraud and identity theft? Now now, and I thought you were better than that Mr. Cousins. Well, as it happens, I do have plans for this evening but I will be making a brief statement on tonight’s events shortly.


  7. Aww! Well, I’m still rooting for you over here in New Mexico, US of A. HOWEVER, please do be putting footage of this wax on YouTube. Seriously. 😀

  8. hey it still is nearly the afternoon in Mexico!
    dont know how that one helps tough…

  9. Awww, tough luck… I was rooting for you.

    See, even though your plan C was sort of a good idea, I don’t think you could actually delete followers.
    The next challenge should be more fair, y’know.

    Oh, and waxing isn’t really *that* painful. Just remember to breathe out when pulling the strip. I agree with Thaes there. It could be worse. Brazilian waxing *is* torture.

    Besides, smooth legs are kind of sexy. LOL

  10. That was your plan C?? LOL guess you didn’t try with: winniethepoohismyhero because that is is currently password you should have asked me XD ahahah

    Thaes is right!! it could have been more moooore painful! so look the bright side!

    And, you lost a battle not the war! you still can beat Matthew in the others challenges!!(and i hope you do, after the leg waxing you really deserve beat him and make him pid mwhahaha) you can win those. You know Team Cuzzy is supporting you!

  11. and by “is is” i meant “is his” LOL XD

  12. Poor Cuzzy. Actually if it involves leg waxing…I highly recommend a few stiff drinks. If it involves bikini waxing…Well errr–lots of drinks and ummm maybe a sedative of some sort like Tylenol PM>

  13. I agree with Rafaela, the next challenge should be more fair. I would love to see some sort of physical challenge posted on youtube. Or maybe you each make a funny video or something and see which one gets the most views?

    Cuzzy- I don’t envy you, waxing is painful especially if you have sensitive skin. Definitely take an advil before you go in, and it’s ok if you scream like a girl.

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