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Well we won our game 3-0 so now to the final. Matthew Lewis and company were waiting patiently by the side of the pitch, with waxing strips in hand. Game was over, 3 large strips of hair missing. Yes I did scream like a little girl. Leg stings ALOT now. Video taken, which Im sure Lewis will upload later.

Im off to drink lots of alcohol to celebrate the win and also numb the pain.

Goodbye 🙂



  1. wow… good job buddy im proud.

  2. Congrats on the win and taking the pain like a man (by screaming like a girl! hehe)

    I look forward to the video.

  3. Have a drink for me Chris ! Can’t wait 2 see the video .your such a trooper!
    Matt,ur soo crazy! Lol!

    Hugs& kisses 2 both of you!


  4. I’m sure it wasn’t all that bad. I mean, did they take hair from your ankles? Is the most painful area. Three strips are NOTHING. And you won the game, so try focusing on good things for a change. The sadist in me can’t wait for the video.

  5. Congrats Chris! you gonna win the final too!!

    Screaming like a girl or not you did it!! that’s brave enough for me! And remember the revenge is sweet! when you win a challenge you can make Matt pay for all the pain you had today 😛 (just remember you can’t pluck completely his eyebrows. We need him in good condition for movies haha).

    Now go and get drunk! you deserve it!!! 😀

  6. wow… three strips, that must look awesome!!! LOL just keep thinking about what you are going to do to Matt when you win the next one!!

    • YES… get him back good.

  7. Rock on, Cuzzy. You’ll get him next time. *nod nod*

  8. *hugs* It’ll feel better soon! Can’t wait to see the vid…. and hear what you’ve decided on for your next challenge! =D

  9. Hope you are doing better now that you have a few drinks in you..Hope you had a few for me. Thinking about cracking into the Strongbow later…

  10. Congrats on the football
    Do you play for a good team then?
    Man if you think waxing is painful try using a epilator, which basically is like a razor for women to use on their legs but instead of being a razor it is like lots of tiny tweezers plucking each hair on your leg!! it would be a killer for guys!!!
    Gd luck with the next challenge i still say do dirty pint!!

  11. Oh.. God wax.. haha.. sorry congrats for your game.. (i would like see the game in video XD).. I want the video.. Hurry up.. haha

  12. ohhhh, waxing. I feel for you, sir. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.

  13. Three strips, not the whole two legs?
    I’m disappointed, I must admit (;

  14. aawwwww ::hugs and kisses :: hope that makes u feel better honey !!! and hope u win the next challenge – it’ll be fun !! x
    p.s. – still cant wait for the video ! 😛 x

  15. And to think… many girls do it every 2-3 weeks.

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