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….I just thought I would share the pic of when our friend Ben passed out.


  1. There’s a person there?

  2. yes underneath all that

    • I’ll take your word for it!
      For all I know “ben” is a British colloquialisms for “pile of stuff” lol

  3. people better not pass out around you, huh? but better than that, you should have written on his face with lipstick and/or tooth paste *the one who has already done that, xD*

  4. Priceless. Who’s bed did he pass out in?

  5. Cool! You named your PS3 Ben haha, no I think I see his head

  6. What is *that* on his head?

    Lesson #1. Never pass out around Cuzzy.

    Thank heavens I’m an ocean away! =D

    • Right? I was all ‘Are those purple granny panties on his head…?’

      You guys are nutzo. ^_^

  7. Nice naked ladies calender… 🙂

    • auhauah I was trying to understand what were those shapes but now everything makes sense. Playstation, drunk guy and naked ladies…This photo is an explosion of testosterone from one corner to the other!
      Now, question: why put things on top of him when you people could simply throw yourselves at him one by one causing him to puke? Now THAT’S real fun.

  8. Wow… can he still breath? LOL you guys are mean…

  9. that big box looks like a video game console… because if it is that’d be amazing.

  10. Ok, a day has passed since you uploaded the picture and I’m still not sure of where’s Ben corpse under all that stuff. Can someone please do me a graphic?

  11. LOL, Tooth paste in the head?!? I’m not sure what the exactly word is but i hope you guys know what i mean. When i was on tour with my school we were 4 guys in our house, we slept in 2 different rooms ( 2 guys in each room ). Me and my class-mate was sleeping around 01:30 and then the 2 other guys woke up and entered our room. They took tooth paste and putted it under my friends nose and then he began to shake his head around on the pillow ^^ Then i woke up because the 2 guys who did it began to roll on floor laughing, and i did too lol. Then my friend with tooth paste woke up and was like “What the fuck!?!”. Damn he was a angry sqaush at the middle of night. He said he would go to the teachers and tell it. That was soooo funny lol.

  12. haha!
    stuff on my ben?

  13. I remember painting my frind Ron’s fingernails and toenails a very pretty shade of bubblegum pink. Gave him a makeover, too! 🙂 That’s what he got for passing out on my couch.. by the way, he was meeting his mother for breakfast first thing next morning–leaving straight from my place.

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