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Hello people!

Well just thought I would give you a quick update. The night out last night definitely made me forget about the sore legs, however today I have a sore head. Self inflicted. No sympathy required.

The patches are looking smooth today, but unfortunately I wont be wearing shorts outside the house anytime soon, unless I liked to be mocked.

Lewis said, and I quote “I’d say you took it like a man, but after watching the video, you didn’t”. So Im sure the video will be uploaded tonight. So I do apologise about the girly behaviour I demonstrate. However it was all new pain to me, so give me some credit haha

The new challenge has been decided, and I think it will be happening. Please keep checking for the official announcement of Lewis Vs Cuzzy Challenge #2.

Anyways, that is it for now.



  1. I think the losers prize for the next challenge should include one can of Cuitlacoche, that must be eaten without puking. 🙂

  2. how is it a girly behaviour to scream through a waxing session? We take it strongly, dude. That’s just typical man-not-taking-any-pain-bunch-of-weaklings thing.

  3. You say no shorts outside the house… maybe the next forfeit will be to do with wearing a dress outside the house, instead.

    • Already been done….

      • hehehe Thankfully a dress doesn’t suit you!

      • Adorable, but where is this outfit from? The 80’s? uahauahuaha
        Like your piercing, tho. Very charming.

  4. Anxiously waiting for the video… not to laugh at you but to laugh with you… though from what I gather you weren’t doing much laughing during the waxing!

  5. “how is it a girly behaviour to scream through a waxing session? We take it strongly, dude. That’s just typical man-not-taking-any-pain-bunch-of-weaklings thing.”
    I second that.

    We deal with waxing in places you wouldn’t even imagine, darling. You’re lucky nobody was brave enough to take hair from your private areas. That’s even worse than just pain – the whole experience is a trip to humiliationland. ;~(

  6. Okay, yeah this is why women give birth. It is painful though…We just think of happy things… And no I can’t tell you what.

  7. Well that picture certainly wasn’t safe for work. LOL!

    Awesome, Cuzzy. You *did* take it like a man, even if you did scream. Just the fact that you went through with it at all took major cojones. 🙂

  8. I think when it comes to waxing the saying should be take it like a women and scream like a man. 🙂 we don’t scream when we get waxed and we wax in places men would never even have the balls to try. 🙂

    • I totally agree! 😀

    • you said it…the balls.

  9. i suggested manzilian from day one, but nobody paied any attention to it…
    lucky for Chris, not so lucky for sadists like me… =P

    btw Chris, that blush really does bring out the colour of your eyes… x

    • I was going to ask him if he was wearing makeup, he’s just so adorable (dress aside).

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