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Well, as you are all aware, Mr. Cousins lost the first challenge. So now for all to see I present to you the forfeit. Cuzzy having his legs waxed by me! Enjoy!!



  1. Lewis reminds me of Charlie from Lost =D
    and trust me that a GOOD thing!

  2. I can already see the ingrown hairs…
    oh bliss!
    that was classic.

  3. I know, I repeat myself, but… poor Cuzzy… Matt, you sadist. At the thigh? Thats soooo brutally!!! YES!!! *lol*
    I hope, Cuzzy feels fine again and I hope you both understand my terrible english… *lol*

    Lovley greetz from Berlin
    yours Jules

  4. My co-workers were very curious about what I was watching and so they crowded around the monitor to watch.

    Stacy: Oh geez, why are they doing that!?
    Leigh: haha
    Karen: The one getting his legs waxed is good looking, who is he?

    I think you have three more fans Chris!

  5. Go Cuzzy! i know how you felt, and so the others girls here! now think it wasn’t so bad it could be worse! but when you win make lewis a chest waxing!! mwahaha

    • No, no! Lewis has that scrappy looking facial hair. Wax that off, along with the chest.

      Not so girly, Cuz. I imagine I would scream as well if my inner thigh was being denuded of hair with the evil wax.

      • NOW… THAT WILL BE PAINFUL!!!! I like it! ahahah

  6. Poor Baby. Someone needs to kiss it and make it all better 😉

    And Matt, smokin’ in that jacket, babe.

  7. Brills. made my evening.

  8. I’m a girl and I take it better than that! Poor Cuzzy. You know there are treatments that would have reduced the pain and stinging…

  9. I felt bad watching that. 😦 And up until a couple of hours ago, I was one of the ones avidly pushing for the video.

    You’ll take the next one, Cuzzy. Fo’ sho’.

  10. aww, Cuzzy. you handled it much better than I did my first time. I know a guy who lost a bet with one of his friends, who then made him undergo a full body wax…chest, stomach, and back. NOT pretty. At least give Lewis a hug for not going to that level.

    You’ll get him next time 🙂

  11. HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT!!! I love that Matt enjoyed it sooo much!! Can’t wait for the next one!! Woo-hoo!!

  12. Ouch, that thigh strip was a bit uncalled for Matt you really know how to hurt a guy!

    Cuzzy luckily for you the wind probably drowned out the majority of your screaming and you seem to have won all the girls sympathy vote so I suspect you won’t regret doing it after all!

    Ditto on the previous comment about your jacket Matt… very nice.

  13. I was sort of hoping you’d win the challenge and was feeling sorry for you, but this was just too funny!

    Look on the bright side, at least you didn’t squeal!

  14. LOL

    That is all.

  15. On the thigh one lewis should have ripped it up not down…would have hurt so much more :p

    I reckon you did fairly well on the screaming front…however the last strip being pulled wont load for me (stupid youtube!) so i may yet take back that comment :p

    Bring on forfeit 2!

  16. Matt, you enjoyed that way too much! And Cuzzy, my mates all saw the video and said you took it better than they would.

    One of the guys said you were hot, but I don’t think you would be interested. He’s a red-head.

    Good luck with the next one!!!

    • I’m very curious why you would think Cuzzy would not be into red heads…besides the fact that he’s het.

  17. haha It could have been worse. Cuzzy took it like a man!

  18. wow, I Do not believe it !!

    I laughed so much that I had the hiccups!!
    I finally stopped and now I have tears in my eyes !! Matt ur so cool ! ( nice shades by the way.)
    very funny shit !! Cuzzy is the man !!

    Can’t wait for next challenge!

    I luv u guys!!!

  19. I almost feel bad for laughing at Mr. Cousins pain. Almost, only. But the most priceless moments are when he’s not being waxed: right before everything starts – on the beggining of the video – when he looks completely nervous and the second before he gets waxed for the last time when he’s covering his mouth…Oh, poor Cuzzy: he’s not that fuzzy anymore :T! auahuahauha
    Still don’t feel bad about laughing though. :B

  20. You guys are awesome.

  21. The relief on Cuzzy’s face when it was over. You did it—Yay!

    On to Challenge Number 2!!

  22. Chris hun u were great !! wow lol !! good luck for the next one – and make sure you win ! x

  23. ah ah aaah! you’re both so funny! actually, guys… Cant’ wait for the next one!

  24. All I can say is OUCH that made my eyes water !!!! x x x x For Chris you will get Matt back

  25. hey guys!
    -cuzzy… i don’t think you sreamed like a litle girl… but many girls do that on their own 😉 *grin*
    -matt… you looked dammn handsome in that video XD

  26. I’m a girl and I wouldn’t even do that. God, had me wincing just watching the video. 🙂


  27. ROFLMAO!! I can’t see for the tears of laughter!! Matt you are a cruel, cruel man! Cuzzy how brave are you! I had my legs waxed once (my bikini line at the same time) I could hardly walk after that so I went back to my trusty Mach 3 turbo!

  28. I think this gets funnier every time I watch it…
    Perhaps I’m cruel and enjoy watching people in pain.
    The second strip (on the thigh) should have been pulled in the other direction. That’s why it didn’t hurt too bad. Again, cruel.
    Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. I hope Matt’s forfeit is just as funny

  29. I’m sorry Cuzzy, but this is freakin’ hilarious!

  30. Welcome to womanhood, Mr. Cousins! Enjoy!

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