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As we are actually both very busy people it has been difficult for us to fit the next challenge in. But we know what we are doing. All details of the next challenge will be released in the next 24 hours. So keep checking back!

Lewis and Cuzzy


  1. Thanks for the update. And something to look forward to 🙂

  2. Yay! Looking forward to it!

  3. Hmm… Something that can’t fit into a daily schedule easily… Sounds promising! *grins*

  4. While you find time, I’ve been using mine creating a little list of cruel forfeits. *-*

  5. @cuzzy – eg – im sure matt doesnt need his axillary hair !!
    lol – im sorry – its horrible but its the best payback ever !:D x

    • wow thats kinda evil.

  6. i know !!! its horrible – but when i thought of it i couldnt help writing this down ! … if either of them reads this idea i think matt might run away ….lol

    • wouldnt you if you where him.

  7. Cruel and unusual–I LOVE it!

  8. 24 hours my arse! ❤

    • Cut the guys some slack. 🙂 Lewis was out celebrating his brother’s b-day and Cuzzy was visiting his mom and doing schoolwork. I’m disappointed, too.

  9. me 2 …

  10. I’m bored. SIGH.

  11. come on guys, PLEASE?

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