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So the second challenge when we finally have time to do it, is as follows;

1) Chose 5 video games machines down at the bowling alley (one must be Dance Dance Revolution)

2) The person who wins the majority of each contest wins overall.

3) Loser does a forfeit



  1. And I assume each game is filmed for our viewing pleasure??

  2. oh you should !! pleeeaaassee ?! ::pouts :: 🙂 x

  3. Hey, that sounds great!! I can’t wait!
    o look I’m rhyming!! 🙂

  4. Please,please,please. We want video! 🙂
    Sounds like a fun challenge. Come on Cuzzy 🙂

  5. I’d give up my signed Mark Mulder A’s jersey to see Matt doing DDR! And it took me forever to get that thing signed!

  6. i’m not sure what’ll be more funny, the unknown forfeit or you two on DDR 😛

  7. Ra! Stupid sport challenge \o/! Make sure you all chose the same songs and levels on DDR; remember that some songs are thougher than the others and all that crap. I wouldn’t know which one is which and what are the codes to put on “hard mode” and stuff but I’m sure someone here can explain. 🙂

    So be nice and use your fans as your own personal google. Go.

  8. this is gonna be one great video 😀

  9. Please video the challenge!!! (especially the DDR!) Can’t wait, this will be great!

  10. PLEASE PLEASE if nothing else film the DDR!!!! PLEASE!!! This sounds great!! Can’t wait for the results!!

  11. and what is the loser going have to do this time?

  12. any excuse to play video games, LOL. Nice!

  13. I’m looking forward to it, guys. =D

  14. Go go Matt, hope you win! I think alot wanna see Cuzzy scream again. xD

    Team Lewis all the way!!

    • neg… its matts turn to scream lets go cuzzy.

  15. I just snorted at the thought of you two doing DDR. Can’t wait for this one, let alone the forfeit.

  16. Fun!!! Video games at the bowling ally. Are any of them old school 80’s games? I also agree that the DDR must be filmed. Go team Cuzzy! I really want to see what you would do to Matt if he loses.

  17. when will you gonna start with the video games challenge? have you chosen what games are the chosen ones??

  18. can’t wait to see the dance revo challenge

  19. Oh yes, I really would like to see the two of you dance. LOL.

    Let’s just say I’m living vicariously through the two of you :))

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