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So the challenge hasn’t taken place yet so holddddddddd yourselves! Lewis is busy working this week (well as we speak he is in the spa), and I, Cuzzy, has had a mad 2 weeks too. So as soon as we are in the same city and have time we shall do it.

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Much love!



  1. No worries – I’m patient enough to wait but thanks for the update.

  2. What’s the forfeit this time?

  3. I MISS YOU GUYS! The vidoes were so much fun for that week :]

  4. LOL oh i cant wait for this challenge……….

  5. We can wait, for patience is a virtue. Hollaback when you can. 🙂

  6. Guys come on !!!!! We miss you !! lol 🙂 x

  7. Hey guys!

    I miss your videos, they used to be soooo funny.

    I followed you on twitter, but you never answer…

    Anyway, congrats about the busy weeks… My rotine is so boring these days.

    I miss you guys, please come back as soon as possible!

    PS: I’m from Rio de Janeiro.

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