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… week.

Well our schedules have been cleared, our busy lives are having a little break next week. My prediction that Tuesday or Wednesday evening the Challenge (with video) will happen.

So it would be great to hear what forfeits you think I should do when I…yes I…win!

– Cuzzy


  1. Full on drag for Matt. Heels, boobs, miniskirt, makeup, and of course a pub crawl to go with it.

    Pictures too.

  2. Hell yes, tqpannie!

  3. Haha, aren’t you cocky? I look forward to it.
    I agree with tqpannie-Matt in drag would be delicious. Or amusing, whatever.

    • Very delicious x

  4. I’m looking forward to Matt kicking Chris’ ass! Then Chris can be the one in full drag for the pub crawl…but either way…I want video of the forfeit.

  5. I think you guys dressing up in drag would be hilarious. That should definitely be the forfeit 😀

  6. i agree.

  7. Seeing pics of Matt in drag would be funny. Making him sing “I feel Pretty’ while in drag would be even better 🙂

  8. Womens Underwear,make up and wig….Pub crawl would be good too

  9. Hello, I am new and was wondering if I could find out the reasons behind the challenges, you can find me on facebook or twitter, my aim s/n is trompelemonde610

  10. it’s nice to see I’m not the only one with a cruel streak. LOL!

  11. I actually have this dream forfeit of one of you inhaling three different things as if it was cocaine, you know? Like pepper, tequila and, I don’t know, salt or something. Pretty wild and painful.

    The whole “put some ice on your underwear and wait ’till it melts” still up too.

  12. Do I sound too cruel?

  13. well if you win – Matt will be doing the forfeit chris !! but get him to do a comic version of neville in the pub – in front of the crowd + film it … if he doesnt want the drag queen thing !!lol

  14. Dress in drag and sing “I feel pretty” just like in the movie Anger Management. That would be hilarious! 🙂

  15. A recent forfeit I was witness to was a dance to Barbie Girl. The bet was that he (guy dancing in vid) could get an A in his Mechanics A Level… He failed so he had to dance on the table! Otherwise it would have been the teacher.


    Maybe knock it up a notch by having to dress like a Barbie girl and do it?!

  16. Oh gosh, I’m loving everyone’s ideas. It’s quite funny that drag is a favorite…but I must admit it would be great.


  17. Uh…if you guys posted this on April 17th…that’s like, a week and a half ago! Did you guys do the challenge yet?

    • I think they didn’t. i think cuzzy was ill and then Matt had work.

      when are you gonna do it guys?

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