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Due to events unfolding in a certain way, we haven’t had chance to do challenges. This is a make-peace for your amusement while we procrastinate. will never stop me. I am The Scarlet Pimpernel and La Resistance lives on!

For those that have no idea what this is. It’s a video of our pal, Davo. He got very drunk and decided to film himself running naked in the snow. I got hold of the video and edited it together. Let us know what you think.

– Lewis

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. It’s better quality than anyway! Woohoo!

    • HD peen, nothing better!

        • tiana
        • Posted May 8, 2009 at 4:41 pm
        • Permalink

        PEEN!!!!!!!! its the back of a hammer! <333


  3. You nutters… LOL

  4. Ahahaha, fantastic! 😀

  5. XPZDR cette vidéo est géniale !

    Vive DAVO *_*

  6. He is funny x)
    He has a tattoo,no?

  7. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time – thanks for making my morning. You would think at my age I would find things like this ridiculous and so NOT funny – but it killed me. Then of course, its not my son running around starkers in the snow….bwahahahahaha

  8. *snicker* Very funny. Great editing. Inspiring music. And yet so very very wrong. Good work.

  9. LMAO. Wondering how the poor kid was after he fell in the snow,though. Made my day-so thanks for that.Great editing job:)
    Actually brought back memories of my time at uni when a frat rfosh would run naked on the quad on Valentines Day every year

  10. That’s probably not something I should have watched in the workplace…or actually, I should watch it again and invite others to see too! lol Brilliant, thank you for that!

  11. Streaking is one of my favorite things. It always brings a smile to my face. Reminds me of the scene from Old School(Will Ferrell): “We’re going streaking through the quad to the gymnasium!”

  12. hoahoahoahoa!! that’s really awesome… the funniest thing I ever seen!! brave man indeed!!

    does he have a cold now? I’m sure he does!!

    recommendation for cold/hangover (“caña” in pure chilean slang): tea + lemmon + honey + aspirin

  13. LoL!
    i’ll be waiting for this! 8D

    but while we expect the winter, watch this!

  14. That’s absolutely brilliant. I’m a girl, but I’m cringing at the thought of running through the snow naked.

  15. I’m now traumatized beyond measure. Loooool.

    But you do realize you people have a tendency of exposing your friend’s bodies, don’t you?

  16. HAHAHAHA! That’s crazy!
    Does he even remember doing that the next morning?? LOL!

    • Well, I am sure he does after now. lol

  17. Loved the dramatic music lol

  18. hahahaha
    Sooo funny video!
    awesomee editing!

  19. That just made my day. The epic music killed me. LMAO

  20. some wanker and a hairy ass crack…what more could i ask for ? lololol

  21. That is classic. Reminds me of sumut Martyn would do. (I actually think he did do somthing like that).

    A pure nutter but hilerious guy.

  22. LOL!
    That was both extremely hilarious and horribly desturbing at the same time. The music made the video, for sure.

  23. disturbing**
    The fact that I can’t spell is embarrassing…although I’d prefer it to running around naked in the snow.

  24. So wrong yet very amusing. I bet he was cold lol!

  25. Wow, would you look at that naked man in the snow…

  26. I needed a good laugh. Thanks.

  27. Wow, thanks, I needed a laugh!

  28. I have a bad cold and that made me laugh so hard I think I hacked up my lung from coughing .

    nothing like a crazy drunk guy to lift your spirits !!

    LEWIS — U ROCK 😉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. ok whoever did the editing and the captions to which the video was “narrated” should get a Standing Ovation….. and the poor nutter that was the star should get a big blanket and a Special Hot Chocolate (it has khalua in it!!!) LOL

    Great video!!! Got my laugh in today!!!

  31. Important question: Did he have to cut out his extremities after this?

  32. Joli corps et très jolies fesses 🙂

  33. Great editing! The music made me feel inspired. But I’m an amateur compared to good ol’ Davo.

  34. haha very well done! Great job on the editing and music.

    Does he remember doing that at all? haha omg!

  35. all I can say is, finally, someone that plays metal gear the PROPER way! k.

  36. What type of law enforcement is going on in your country?! In the states your ass would be arrested in a second for running around naked. This vid was crazy hilarious, the editing was top notch.

  37. Hey guys!!!

    So i just wanted to let both of you know that i have created a facebook group for you/for the battle. Here’s the link for the group.

    Oh also LOVED this vid!!! Excellent editing!

  38. That was hilarious. I didn’t expect an actual visual of him naked lol I figured YouTube would have deleted it if so. AMAZING funniest thing I’ve see in a while.

  39. Oh wait it was done through Facebook nvm the YouTube thing, I guess it makes more sense now.

  40. Dear God I laughed so hard at this that my 13yr old daughter came into the room for a look and almost got an eyeful of something I hope to God she doesn’t see for a long time yet!!!

    Well done you Head-The-Balls! Keep it up (heeheehee – pun intended)

  41. *on the floor

  42. Holy shit! When you said edited I figured censored for some reason. Well, I did in fact see some peen. I should have expected peen but for some reason it was a shocker. Go figure.

  43. my goodness, no censorship…..thee ole stubby shalaylee…lol good times, good times

  44. LOL! Love the music and editing. Kudos to your friend. Even if I was wasted, I don’t think I could do that.

  45. I like shit my pants watching this. Fucking hilarious. The way you edited it was brilliant, Matt. haha.

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