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This is just a short message to let you all know that I, Cuzzy, won tonights challenge. It was VERY close, but the greater good came through. The video’s are getting sorted by Matt, so they will be posted within the next few days. Here are the results from tonight;

Air hockey – Matt won

Basketball shooting game – Cuzzy won

Mario Kart – Matt won

Dance Dance Revolution – Cuzzy won

1 vs 1 Ten Pin Bowling – Cuzzy won

Keep checking back for the longgggg videos.

Thanks for the support.

– Cuzzy


  1. Yay! You rock Cuzzy!! Congratulations!

    I’m looking forward to all the vids and especially you winning DDR (Best game EVER!) 🙂

  2. so cool that you win..specially in ddr
    i wanna see the punishment!!!!
    cheers from france

  3. congratulations Cuzzy. Way to go. Can’t wait to see the video and the forfeit 🙂

  4. cant wait to see! And congrats!!!!

  5. Finally!

    Let me consult my assistant and we’ll get back to you with the forfeit suggestions… lol

  6. Wasn’t there a suggestion about Matt in drag? Doing a pub crawl? Am I the only one who thinks that’s an interesting idea?

    Come Cuzzy – he made you wax your legs! I’m a girl and I refuse to do that! Make him wear a skirt and take him to a bikie pub.

  7. I’m excited about the Dance Dance revolution video! Sounds exciting. And air hockey… one of my favorite arcade g ames!

    Keep it up Cuzzy. Let it be the start of a winning streak!

  8. LOL – I love the fact that you won DDR. I cannot WAIT to see that video. LOL

  9. yay!!

  10. Matt in drag, FTMFW.

  11. CONGRATS knew you’d win ! cant wait for videos !:)

  12. Congrats Cuzzy!!! I vote for Matt in Drag!!! TOTALLY!!! Can’t wait for the video!!

  13. I’m wondering what would be the forfeit! It should be fun. Can’t wait to see it.

  14. Still say it should be Matt in drag but I’m a cruel woman.

    No, I’m not it would be hilarious especially if he got hit on.


  15. Matt so won! He says so on his Twitter. Cuzzy is just a sore loser.

  16. I vote for the fact that Matthew in Drag is dull and predictable. Cuzzy can be more creative than that.
    But anyway, once the videos are on, let us – THE PEOPLE – decide who did better.
    Though only to a certain extent cause I know there’ll be Team Lewis radicals saying that he won everything and stuff. Oh well, I’m very excited for the videos *-*~!

  17. the fofeith can be make matt do a brazilian wax o just some wax in his groin and thenmake him do the “drag act” with a bikini

    • And the Lewis name would remain only on Anthony and Chris forever.

  18. but. you won all the lame challenges. how did you lose at air hockey? and you call yourself an athlete. But DAMN, Cuz, you are some kind of gorgeous….jc Keepin’ it Cuzzy since 2009.

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