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It was 3am and I finally came out of my trance. I had been ‘in the zone’ when googling ideas for forfeits for hours. I have many things to think about when choosing the right punishment for Lewis. It has to be inexpensive, and cannot ruin his acting career. So many of the options I found were swiftly ruled out. I had got it down to about 3, but I feel like there are some other ideas which I am completely missing out on. So I am asking for some ideas from you. But this time, please leave the drag ideas at home haha. So if you think you know something that would be ‘suitable’ for Lewis whilst filling the criteria of being inexpensive and letting him keep his job in the biggest film franchise ever, then leave them as a comment.

That is all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read/help me.



  1. If we leave a comment won’t he see them??

  2. he will but it really doesn’t matter as he is going to find out eventually anyway.


  3. well, it might be expensive – but you could get him to name dop himself and pull the movie star bit – and get tickets for Hull v Man Utd… he wouldn’t enjoy it…

  4. Don’t you have a river in Leeds? What about going for a swim, should still be cold enough…?

  5. Hmm…does he have a food he dislikes? Or you could do something like VERY hot chilli or something?

    With no water O:D

    Do something with food, any how!

  6. honestly….???? I think you should have him get absolutely amazing seats for a ManU match, and have him proudly wear the ManU colours, like the earlier person said….although, there is a sort of poetic justice in the “hot” food idea and not allowing him water or any milk product to cool down his mouth….

  7. Hmm..
    Something fun..
    I just found this idea to try on my friend actually..
    Looks like fun 😀

  8. Hmm.. I dont think that Cuzzy can do that to Matt, Sharii.. Even Matt is thin so.. And in the pictures there are just fat men.. xD



  10. How about he has to drink a few spoonfuls of hot sauce

  11. I too agree with the hot peppers idea.
    Also, while I am here, can I make a suggestion for a future challange?
    See who can stuff the most marshmallows in their mouth.
    Fun times.

  12. you could make him run somewhere in his underwear

  13. Hmmm maybe a Slave for a day. It’s hard because he can’t change his look, he can’t do anything utterly humiliating, and it has to be PG.

    You could make him stand out side with a sandwich board over him that says Cuzzy Rocks and ask for charitable donations.

    You could make him sing Karoke.

    He could have to clean your flat top to bottom. Including bathrooms.

  14. lol not bad ! karoke and cleaning gets my thumbs up !

  15. You could go to a popular spot and have him go around, walking up to people randomly, and introducing himself as someone he isn’t? Like, “Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Mel Gibson.” & then walk away quickly, just to repeat the action again?

  16. you could have Matthew eat some hot chilli pepers! the red ones. it’s not expnsive yet worth watching. I do eat them but all mash up with salt and garlic, and along with some sort of meat.

  17. you are gonna like this matt, but what about laxatives? lol

    • That’s way too cruel! I wouldn’t do that to my worse enemy…well maybe I would. But not to someone like Matt.

  18. i meant not gonna like this. my bad.

  19. I think karaoke in a really crowded bar is a good idea.. Make him sing something really girly, like “Womanizer” -Britney Spears, or even some old school Spice Girls! Muahahha 🙂 xx

  20. hmmm…how about…either volunteering at local elderly rest home for kitchen duty and/or spongebath time “OR” going to the local kindergarten/primary school for storytelling time , But…Matt must be dressed as Kipper the dog or Winnie the Pooh…yes, that would be fitting…

  21. who’s Kipper the dog?

  22. I think the idea of eating hot chilli pepers its cool also the karaoke

  23. Make him support the scum for one game, publicly. That will get his goat.

  24. Have Matt do a remake of Metal Gear Davo but instead it is Metal Gear Lewis lol

  25. KARAOKE [2]! that would be awesome! yeeah, make him sing a really girly song or a really gay song, maybe… Village People?! HAHAHAHA make him sing N’Sync!

  26. oh, and i’m from Brazil! :DD i lv u, Matt and Cuzzy!

  27. hehe, i liked your idea of him wearing a manchester united shirt singing Karaoke in the busy part of Leeds city centre… maybe making the song extra girly for affect! 😀

  28. LOL no make him sing Take Me Home United Road which is Manchester United’s anthem and make him do it in a manchester united shirt in leeds town centre here is a youtube link to the song

  29. ok, I vote for making him wear Man U stuff but I would have him sing Barbie Girl or something! LOL

    • I’m with u on the Barbie Girl song!

  30. you need a small square of chocolate, only about 1 inch big, and a large tub full of flour.
    Dunk his head in some water so he’s wet, then have him search for the piece of chocolate using his face in the tub of flour. Sort of like bobbing for apples, but without the fruit and water 🙂 By the end, he looks ridiculous, (covered completely in the flour) and he gets a nice piece of chocolate. The deeper/wider the tub = better. This way it takes longer to find the chocolate 🙂

  31. NO HANDS- that goes without saying

  32. I think he should come round and clean my house wearing nothing but a pinny !

    • I think we’d all like that

    • Agreed 😛
      but that would be too costly getting to our houses..

  33. I like the karaoke idea but the song should be Barbie Girl by Aqua!

  34. If you go with the Karaoke, do a song like “Like a Virgin”.

    I like the cleaning idea, but you said no drag, so that rules out the french maid idea…

    HMMM —
    You should get him back for the waxing, something just as cruel…

  35. just visit indonesia

  36. You should get him to do a cement mixer, use two straws and put lemon juice in one cheek and baileys in the other and mix in your mouth! It is possibke the most horrible shot in the world!

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