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Well one of followers @goatcharms sent us this the other day. So I uploaded it to youtube so you could all enjoy the song! Leave comments if you like it, I am sure The Bezoar Project would be glad to hear your feedback


  1. Adrienne/Goats great job on the song! 🙂

  2. Oh dear, that was hilarious! Well done!

  3. It’s a beaautiful song 🙂

  4. It was a good song, funny, i loved it. Well Done

  5. well done Adrienne! that was good !:)

  6. Thanks! I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed it!!

  7. Ha! That is quite the amusing song. Has such a cozy feel to it. :]

  8. I actually loved this song…very funny.

  9. I love how it says Longbottom beside Lewis!

  10. that was pretty epic itself!

  11. really nice song! funny and awesome guitar and vocals. lol. Longbottom!! 😀

  12. Hehe am I literally the first comment to this incredible read!

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