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Finally, here is part II of the 2nd Lewis vs. Cuzzy challenge. Lookout very soon for the forfeit video. It is NOT to be missed.



  1. Hahaha that was funny. Hey Matt, try bowling right handed…When i switch hands i bowl better! 😛
    Great job cuzzy. I honestly thought Lewis was gonna win DDR!

  2. Finally!
    Great job, guys!

  3. In spain that dancing machine doesnt exist i think :_

    well dancing guys!


    Thanks for posting it for us all to see. It looked like a ton of fun. So excited to see the forfeit video now. Matt, you were such a good loser.


  5. Awesome! Didn’t know Lewis was a lefty! Can’t wait to see the forfeit video 😉

  6. Fan-freaking-tastic GUYRS!! I love your sportsmanship Matt. 😉

    Can’t wait to see the forfeit video!!

  7. It’s funny watching other people play DDR

    Normally we keep our feet on the arrows
    and start off with them on the left and right

    annnnnd we keep our arms at our sides, only bending them at the elbow
    but they can make you lose balance. so soemtimes, I just cross them behind my back or hold the bar in back

  8. that was fun
    cant wait for the forfeit video
    great job cuzzy!

  9. hi will you follow me on twitter ???

  10. I enjoyed the videos, but I was hopping that team Lewis would have won.

  11. awesome stuff guys! Looks like fun – loved Cuzzy thanking his twitter followers LOL!

    Now – where’s my Team Cuzzy shirt?

  12. You two bowl pretty good. Didn’t realize Matt was left handed…he should have been handicapped for that LOL.

    Congrats Cuzzy!

  13. It never ceases to make me giggle at how amazed people are when they see I am left-handed.
    Apparently, it’s the same for you, too, Lewis.

  14. I’m not left-handed I just couldn’t bear to see Cuzzy’s stupid face if he lost so I handicapped myself. I still did ok though…

    Lewis X

    • Now now, excuses don’t get anybody anywhere. You can’t win them all; where would the fun be? Besides, some of us have seen you sign your autographs. =p

  15. Cuzzy just got lucky on the day, he might have won the battle but Lewis will win the war. I wish i could bowl half as well as Matt did he would have beaten most people with that score. Brimg on the forefit and the next challenge. Go team lewis. Josie x

  16. very funny the video. look … I added on Twitter. I also add you can exchange messages … Anna Paulla Diniz. Kisses

  17. Wow. I have never seen so many strikes in one game of bowling. Congrats Cuzzy, but i was rootin for Lewis… it was a close match. Lookin forward to seein the forfeit… make it good!

  18. OK I’m not one to bug very much but I see false adverts…’coming soon forfeit video’…that was a long time ago now..I know Chris is going away and Matt is away just wondering how much longer we have to wait for it after all the hype (tweets) about it.

  19. guuys, you are crazy!)) don’t you have smth more useful to do?)))

  20. p.s. I’m sorry, who is “Youth and Tenacity” and who is “Age and Experience” in this “LewCuzzy band”??))))

  21. Awesome! so much fun Guys!

  22. hahaha great video! never thought Id see u doing that and so well, Matt!
    Awesome T-shirt, by the way XD

  23. im obs a bit l8 2 say dis but oh well…

    gr8 vid…shame the basketball machine didnt work at 1st matt…

    i no cuzzy won but still….go team lewis!

    Shelby x

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