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Just thought I would add these videos if anyone was interested. A few keep asking so thought it would be easier to bash them on here.



PS – The forfeit video will be added shortly. Sorry for the wait


  1. 😉 that was great cuzzy , thanx !

    looks so beautiful over there . wish I could go someday 😦

    Beach looked sooo good and relaxing would love to sit and watch the waves 🙂

    about the forfeit- its cool . very understandable , seeing how you’ve both been very busy.

    xo, Christine

  2. try to visit indonesia for the lewis vs cuzzy show

  3. I just notice that you two have your twitters at the bottom of this page. Yeah, now I do not have to waste hours of my time on twitter, because I came to see what you said. Then get caught up in what everyone else is saying.


    I am probably going to do it anyway though. 😦

  4. Gr8 videos of u in Sydney but i live there so its no suprise that u had a gr8 time!!! 🙂
    Hope the forfeit video is uploaded soon coz all this suspense has builded since u said it would b uploaded over a month ago. I hope that it is a gr8 video!!!

  5. cuzzy why were YOU wearing the uggs? haha

  6. Nice pics! Happy Friends Day for you and your friends! 🙂

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