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So, I just added a blog post. I now realise this looks very much like my own blog. So I thought I would add a photo of Matt to get things back on track. It’s very flattering…..


Photo courtesy of


  1. haha! mean :p
    And the piccy isn’t showing because hot-linking is disabled on the site 😉

    But I’ll change it so you guys can post pics from it on here and they will show up. *fixes*

    Okay all better 😉

  2. Hey what ever happened to you guys posting the Forfeit video

  3. I must admit, you guys have a weird view of the time aspect. ‘Soon’ is pretty much ‘in a month or so’. Haha, last time we heard anything about the forfeit video was September 5th, with 5% of it left. Awesome… 🙂

  4. Matt is cute in any picture XD

  5. HOT XDD

  6. Tom Felton looks like hes wearing a girls shirt with that neckline XD

  7. Hi want you to know that you are too often dreamed of you.
    All the best and success my beautiful love you

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