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So its been a few weeks since the challenge has been done and Lewis had still to edit the video. So whilst on his computer today, I knocked up quick teaser trailer again. I also edited the whole challenge and was ready to publish, but Lewis wants to add a few things, so it is more or less ready to show. Be warned, it is 20 minutes long. So for now here is a quick trailer…again

– Cuzzy


Well one of followers @goatcharms sent us this the other day. So I uploaded it to youtube so you could all enjoy the song! Leave comments if you like it, I am sure The Bezoar Project would be glad to hear your feedback

It was 3am and I finally came out of my trance. I had been ‘in the zone’ when googling ideas for forfeits for hours. I have many things to think about when choosing the right punishment for Lewis. It has to be inexpensive, and cannot ruin his acting career. So many of the options I found were swiftly ruled out. I had got it down to about 3, but I feel like there are some other ideas which I am completely missing out on. So I am asking for some ideas from you. But this time, please leave the drag ideas at home haha. So if you think you know something that would be ‘suitable’ for Lewis whilst filling the criteria of being inexpensive and letting him keep his job in the biggest film franchise ever, then leave them as a comment.

That is all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read/help me.


Here is the teaser trailer for Lewis vs. Cuzzy. I have lot’s of footage to edit so I thought I’d make this to keep you all happy!


This is just a short message to let you all know that I, Cuzzy, won tonights challenge. It was VERY close, but the greater good came through. The video’s are getting sorted by Matt, so they will be posted within the next few days. Here are the results from tonight;

Air hockey – Matt won

Basketball shooting game – Cuzzy won

Mario Kart – Matt won

Dance Dance Revolution – Cuzzy won

1 vs 1 Ten Pin Bowling – Cuzzy won

Keep checking back for the longgggg videos.

Thanks for the support.

– Cuzzy

Due to events unfolding in a certain way, we haven’t had chance to do challenges. This is a make-peace for your amusement while we procrastinate. will never stop me. I am The Scarlet Pimpernel and La Resistance lives on!

For those that have no idea what this is. It’s a video of our pal, Davo. He got very drunk and decided to film himself running naked in the snow. I got hold of the video and edited it together. Let us know what you think.

– Lewis

Vodpod videos no longer available.

…but Matt’s camera had no battery! We went to Alton Towers (a theme park) and we had it all planned. So we must apologise. It will be done. I know ALOT of you are getting slightly frustrated haha!

– Cuzzy

… week.

Well our schedules have been cleared, our busy lives are having a little break next week. My prediction that Tuesday or Wednesday evening the Challenge (with video) will happen.

So it would be great to hear what forfeits you think I should do when I…yes I…win!

– Cuzzy

So the challenge hasn’t taken place yet so holddddddddd yourselves! Lewis is busy working this week (well as we speak he is in the spa), and I, Cuzzy, has had a mad 2 weeks too. So as soon as we are in the same city and have time we shall do it.

If your missing out on anything we are up to then follow our twitter’s


Much love!


So the second challenge when we finally have time to do it, is as follows;

1) Chose 5 video games machines down at the bowling alley (one must be Dance Dance Revolution)

2) The person who wins the majority of each contest wins overall.

3) Loser does a forfeit